Friday, September 3, 2010

Magic: The Gathering

So today I got back into playing magic. I really enjoy how this game works and how intricate the community is. The game is very advanced and allows you to have a super customized deck. Basically whatever goes. I enjoy playing this game because it is not a simple "my cards bigger I win." The game allows for many different play types and allow for a different game every time.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something must be done /b/rothers

This whore must be outed immediately. We must all do our parts.

You can Move and Kinect to whatever you please...

I have a problem with this no and sudden urge to get gamers off their asses. I enjoy laying down and spending endless hours melting into my couch. I don't another reason to feel bad for myself for being a gentlemen of larger carriage. It is already embarrasing enough to walk up flights of stairs and feel a little winded. Now how am i gonna explain sweat stains from playing video games. Enough is enough. Give me my controller and my Mountain Dew and leave me alone until there is true virtual reality.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Trophy to Remember

Recently I have begin to realize how pointless trophies are on PlayStation games. I cant remember the names of any of them and they aren't really important to game content, but why do i find myself so captivated by these digital self-esteem boosters. I realized to myself that there are truly two types of trophies. One awards a gamer for accomplishing an amazing feat. When you finally unlock it you feel accomplished. The other has become what real trophies are now. Participation trophies. The ones you unlock accidentally and with no real effort. In my opinion I think we should get to the roots and stop having 40 stupid meaningless trophies per game and there should be like 5.